Dla wszystkich dzieci dostępny jest plac zabaw oraz mini klub, który organizuje szereg zabaw i gier. Każdego wieczoru dla najmłodszych organizowane jest mini disco w amfiteatrze. Mają oni także możliwość zaprezentowania na scenie swoich talentów i umiejętności w specjalnie przygotowanym dziecięcym show.

Schoggy Babyservice  Gypsophila

Schoggy Family Service  Kumköy  The one and only Babyservice you can trust With our company you can hire a buggy or stroller, Folding Wagon  for Kids and order baby nappies and baby food for both your summer or winter family holiday.

Our company can also provide you with other necessary products such as wet wipes, sun cream and moisturisers for your baby

Your order will be delivered to your hotel free off charge.. 

All our products are of high quality and have all the necessary certificates.For example, all the bugies and strollers undergo technical maintance and disinfection after every use.

All our buggies and strollers will be convinient for you during excurtions and bus rides.

In Turkey you can find baby nappies and baby food of all the popular brands.Making an order with us will make it cheaper for you, as we sell our products cheaper than they do in supermarkets in holiday towns. We sell our products at their cost.

We can offer you baby nappies of the following brands: PAMPERS, , HUGGIES and .And also special nappies for swimming (swimming pants)..

We can offer you baby food of the following brands as: HIPP, MILUPA and HERO.

Your order will be delivered to your hotel or apartment free off charge. All you have to do is choose and order.

You do not have to pay a deposit.You pay at received your order. The advantages of ordering through us Convinient - easy - practical– You save money You won\'t have any more problems with overweight. You won\'t have to full your luggage with huge packets of baby nappies and jars of baby food. You will be able to save place for more usefull things. You won\'t have any more place problems.

Your holiday will be more pleasant and peaceful. You won\'t have to run around the airport with enormous luggage and think how you can fit it in the transfer bus.That means you will not be stressed.

Our prices on baby nappies and baby food are lower than the prices in supermarkets in holiday towns. That\'s why you can save money by making your order with us